Twisted ironies of hate

I have been away for a while, not writing during this contentious and fascinating period of current cultural history. But I have been watching and thinking. I have had occasion in my life recently to deeply evaluate my beliefs about the world and our existence in it even more intensely than usual. I have had to process the biggest challenge of my life, one that has penetrated to the deepest layers of my mind, heart, and soul, but especially my heart: the death of my beloved son at the age of 23. 

My Christian faith has been an essential savior of my sanity during this period of my life.  I have come to realize that faith is not a matter of “education” but in crisis is the cellular structure of the spirit. Be careful when you mock someone’s faith. If you manage to destroy it the rest of that person may crumble like dust. Faith, not mind and not body, may be the very container of their life.

I read this article called  Progressives’ Anti-Christian Bigotry Helped Make Trump President  by David French in National Review  now and thought about how thoughtlessly some of us treat each other, maybe out of fear or maybe out of a desire to create a world more comfortable for ourselves or maybe just because one set of beliefs is cooler than the other.  This is not a personal complaint but more a Captain Obvious type observation of the current cultural climate. Among my small circle of friends and family I have been treated with nothing but kindness. Probably this is the case with the vast majority of us. Still there seems to be a lot of hate and unkindness in the news and some of the news is sometimes true. 

I like how this article captures layers and layers of twisted ironies – such as how when you (pronoun “you” used in a general sense) relentlessly accuse other people of being hateful and are hostile toward these other people because of their allegedly hateful beliefs, you end up becoming hateful yourself. Even more ironically, a central tenet taught by the founder of the hated religion is “Love your enemies.”


Author: CJ

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